Cafeteria Prices



Reimbursable Meal  
(includes entree, vegetable, fruit and milk)
Salad Bar
(includes salad bar, fruit and milk)
Extra Sandwich with meal/$2.35
without meal/$3.10
Extra Fruit/Vegetable with meal/$1.10
without meal/$1.60
Milk/Water/Teas/Drinks $0.85
Ice Cream $0.85
Soft Pretzel $1.45
With the new federal nutrition standards in effect, the requirements of a reimbursable meal have also changed. A student must have a minimum of three of the five components to qualify for a reimbursable meal. One of those three components MUST BE either a fruit or a vegetable. A sandwich, which counts as two components (meat/meat alternative and bread), plus a dish of fruit or a dish of vegetables, is a reimbursable meal. A sandwich and milk DOES NOT count as a reimbursable meal – therefore the student will be charged a la carte prices. A student may also take two dishes of fruit or two dishes of vegetables and they will not be charged for the second dish as this makes up the one cup of fruit/vegetable that they can have.

Policies and Procedures

The following rules have been implemented into Cafeteria Policy:

  • It is mandatory for the parent/guardian to sign up on the LunchTime web site through the MMS parent portal.  This is a free service for you as the parent/guardian for checking your students’ lunch account balances and history transactions. Parents/guardians can also make payments online through this site. It will be the parent/guardian's responsibility to be aware of his/her students’ balance. It is strongly recommended to set up the Low Balance alert with a minimum dollar amount of $10.
  • All accounts are on a prepaid basis only to students registered at Delone Catholic High School.
  • There will be a $.10 fee charged for each and every transaction made when the student does not use his/her ID card (example, not using the card to purchase lunch and later on the same day for ice cream will incur a $.20 charge).
  • Any payment made must be into the Main Office by 10:30 a.m. to be processed for that day.
  • Any payment made online must be done by 11:00 a.m. to be processed for that day.
  • There is a negative threshold of $9 on all accounts. If a student wishes to purchase a $3.50 meal but they are already in the negative of > $5.75 the purchase will not be allowed.

Summer Food Service Program

Summer Food Service Program is available at the following: